Apparently Portlandia is my new favorite show…

16 Jul

I turned on an episode of Portlandia this morning (reward for waking up early perhaps) and couldn’t stop laughing at this. These sanitation twins are too much to handle (but awesome in so many ways).

“We Can Pickle That!”

14 Jul

In honor of binge watching the second season of Portlandia.

Five Reasons Why Liz Lemon and Mindy Lahiri Deserve Love and Praise

30 Jun

Summertime cultivates the atmosphere for TV binge watching. With no homework or club responsibilities, I could spend an ungodly humid Saturday in my apartment, the temperature at a chilly 65 degrees, with episodes of 30 Rock on an endless loop from one episode to another, season to season. As I watch Liz Lemon grow and change, it dawns on me that the Lemon’s surroundings change more than Lemon herself. Sure, Lemon becomes more confident, her friendship with Jack blossoms, and her relationships between Tracy and Jenna evolve and shift. However, Lemon is still Lemon.

The spunk Tina Fey puts into Elizabeth Lemon reminded me of Mindy Kahling and her quirky Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project. I tried to distill these two characters into five traits, five traits that I hope to have and also five reasons why these two characters rock my socks. They make me laugh episode after episode. They, as both writers and actors on the shows, find a way to connect with me (and obviously a lot of other fans). While some scenes and situations are just funny, others are smartly written, and finally other parts of both shows really hit home. It’s like when Mindy is giving Danny her ultimatum and asks why he kissed her in the first place, I have a pretty good idea what sorts of emotions are running through Lahiri’s head.

So here are my five reasons why Liz Lemon and Mindy Lahiri deserve love and praise.

  1. Both are incredibly passionate about what they do. Both are workaholics but they love their jobs. Every day is a new day for them, filled with both challenges and triumphs. They know how to enjoy the good days and they know how to make it through the tough ones.
  2. They believe in humor and general sarcasm. It’s the sort of humor that can be smart and witty or just plain simple and immature. Regardless, it makes me laugh. Liz and Mindy believe in sarcasm, even if it’s not understood by everyone around them.
  3. They are not perfect. Sometimes the hardest thing to admit to yourself is your imperfections. Liz and Mindy embrace them. Just like anyone, they always wish things were different. Both want to date men successfully, both keep hoping their lives will get even better, and both women deal with ideas of beauty and where they fit in the grand scheme of things. However, they know they are pretty neat just the way they are, and that’s good with them.
  4. In line with being themselves, these women also embrace their awkward side. They do silly things, say the wrong words, and make mistakes. Situations get weird, but somehow Mindy and Liz find a way out.
  5. These women are quirky and unique. And it’s the quirky that is not bad, but instead wonderful. By being unique, these women set themselves apart from everyone else. Their quirks connect them even close to viewers because we see bits and pieces of ourselves in Lemon and Mindy. But we aren’t exactly like them, because we too have our own unique things that make us, us. And so we learn from Liz and Mindy that being quirky is important and valued.